• The Golden Key Experience

    Go Beyond Manifesting & Powerfully Align!

    JAN-8.2018- Registration CLOSED.

    Next Cycle opens on 2.5.18!

  • My Name is Curtrice  

    I guide women to their most expansive version.


    I have been connected to deeper wisdom and the gift to see beyond the status quo since I was a very young girl, I have awakened the innate gifts of knowing/intuition and inner vision. I clearly see life through the lens of energy & broader perspective which is where manifestations are born. I use my gifts, studies, tools, and process to articulate and facilitate this wisdom supporting women in unlocking & embodying their personal power.

    For 6 Weeks we will meet in our online High Vibe Incubator
    Here's What You Will Recieve:



    Live Content & Q & A - Includes mini intuitive sessions with Curtrice. During the Q & A time at the end of every call, you'll have the opportunity to gain support on any specific topic in your life you are looking to transform, gain more insight from and move forward.



    Join your High Vibe transformational community!


    Experiential Assignments

    Weekly inspired assignments- includes experiential assignments, journaling and process work to raise your vibe and expand potentials in your life.

  • January 8th 2018-Closed

    Next Cycle Begins on 2.5.18

    What we will cover in the course

    Week 1: Ignite the Golden Keys within you.

    Learn the innate healing pathways & power of creating in your reality. Go beyond manifesting experiencing a paradigm shift- move into more confidence an fulfillment on your journey.

    Week 2: Alignment Strategy.

    Release anxiety, empower your mental clarity, and build spiritual strength- get your mojo back! ​Learn 3 key processes to build and sustain your vibrational alignment.



    Week 3: Personal Power & Personal leadership.

    To manifest in your life personal leadership is key! Release anywhere you feel dis-empowered to other people, circumstances or systems in the world and step in your full power of creating.

    Week 4: The Gift In The Challenge Process.

    Week 4 is a game changer for your energy/frequency. Trauma, judgment of the self, and fear reactions around challenges in life are what affects most people in being fully aligned with their power and vision for their lives. Learn how to receive the messages within the challenges and use this medicine to go to your next level. Release trauma, heal and shift your experience.

    Week 5-​Soul Prosperity.

    Activate your wealth mindset and journey towards feeling and living a life of abundance-where you feel whole, inspired and ready to take new action in your life. Spiritual Prosperity is a journey of fulfillment it lends to courage, the art of receiving and ignites your creative fire!

    Week 6: The Experience.

    Come home to yourself-Our conclusion module covers how to stop creating from the past allowing yourself to integrate the keys from the program. Enter into new choices, lay new ground and re-introduce yourself to yourself and the world.

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  • Experience

    Andrea Mcglaulin

    Entrepreneur-Vegan Chef & Coach

    After my deep personal development with Curtrice, I have manifested money, professional connections, relationships, a new career, a relocation across the country, and overall a joyful and fulfilling life.


    When I first started working with Curtrice, I believed that there was more to life, I believed in the possibility of living your dreams, but I didn't know it could get this good! I had quite a bit of anxiety on a daily basis as well. Thanks to Curtrice's guidance, I have been able to create a life I love. I feel grateful, fulfilled, and joyful every day. Even on the tough days, I know all is well, and my anxiety is 80% improved.


    I plan to continue my journey with Curtrice in my corner. She is my secret weapon for success! Thank you Curtrice! You have changed my life in countless ways. More than you even know!


    Yvette Dnae

    Entrepreneur & Leadership Coach

    “I remember the night I met Curtrice, she had this super magnetic energy happening. I could tell that she was walking the walk of being a super potent woman. I knew I HAD to have her as my coach. I can honestly say not only do I feel like a totally different person, my life has changed dramatically since working with Curtrice.

    I’ve gone from feelings of lack and stuckness to full on Fired Up Empowerment and quickly too! I remember being caught up in my circumstances and allowing that to define me. Now.. I know who I truly BE and I do the work to embody that energy every single day…no matter what is happening around me. From the very first session, she shared her very powerful tools and questions that have helped me shift my perspective and open me up to the possibilities available to me, to all of us. What a blessing it has been to work with this powerhouse of a woman!”